Le Carnaval du Café is hosted by Collaborative Coffee Source – yet made possible with furhter support and sponsorships from a series of companies that we like to think of as the ultimate Collaborators!

Sunday 25th Workshop by:


Cropster provides specialized software solutions for coffee professionals. They offer targeted services for roasters, labs, traders and producers to monitor roasts, analyze qualities, handle samples and warehouses, manage farm production and direct trade. Their integrated, web-based tools help specialty coffee businesses worldwide to optimize consistency, quality and decision making.

Cropster will help kick-off Le Carnaval du Cafe by holding its own hands-on workshop in the afternoon before the LCDC Official Educational Sessions. Please join to register for LCDC on Sunday January 25th, get to know the crowd, meet the sponsors, and enjoy a Cropster Workshop Session!


Belleville, one of  Collaborative Coffee Source’s early roasting partners, is both a pioneer in the Paris specialty coffee community, as well as a roaster truly engaged in building long-term partnerships with producers. Belleville’s goals are refreshingly simple but challenging to execute: work with producers that are hard-working and quality focused and  roast that coffee in such a way that highlights its own merits.  Judging by Belleville’s great reputation within the French roasting community, it seems they are staying true to their principles. For LCDC, Belleville has graciously offered to provide attendees with breakfast treats!

This being Paris, we can be assured these will be of the baked and delicious variety!


Financing and Logistical Services:


32Cup provides the logistics base to Collaborative Coffee Source’s work, giving the CCS team the space and time to focus its energies on what it does best: finding the brightest producers crafting the best coffees. The partnership between 32Cup and CCS has helped us provide efficient logistics for our customers. 32Cup is financing the coffee from origin, and warehousing the coffee lots upon arrival (Antwerpen or New Jersey) before being shipped to all of CCS’ roasting partners.

Having 32Cup as a partner enables CCS to provide fresher coffee and better service to its roasters.


Cupping Aprons:









La Palma y El Tucán is a coffee production hub in the Cundinamarca region of Colombia. They purchase coffee cherries from 200+ families in the region and produce micro lots using various state-of-the-art fermentation and processing techniques.  These techniques are based on carefully controlled and closely monitored experiments that are helping to change the face of the Castillo variety.

CCS is a proud and exclusive supplier of La Palma y Tucán coffees in Europe and the UK.



Cupping spoons:

Cupping Spoons Logo

 W. Wright Silverware is a century-old family-run business that supplies beautifully crafted silverware to renowned hotels and restaurants around the world. Collaborative Coffee Source appreciates W. Wright’s cupping spoons for their seamless beauty, simplicity and functionality.

We strongly urge you to check them out when you need to get your own cupping gear.