Oliver Strand is on his way to LCDC and he’s ready to get started. In fact, all of LCDC’s presenters are primed and ready to go. All that’s left is the actual flying to Paris from their respective homes around the globe.

Flavio from Brazil just got his Visa; just in the nick of time. Heleanna in Addis Ababa is preparing samples right now, while Carlos and the rest of the Colombian contingency are all on their way. Lauren is flying in from South Africa; Dr. Philippe Lashermes will soon hop on a train from the South of France; Paul is on his way from Colorado, USA; and finally, Benjamin and LCDC’s Farmer of Honor, Miguel Moreno, are on their way from Honduras. Welcome to Paris soon!

I spoke to Oliver Strand yesterday afternoon and he’s looking forward to an escape from the NYC winter, to enjoy a couple of winter days in Paris, the heart of Europe. It sounded like Paris may have a place in his heart. Anyway, he told me about a piece he wrote in the New York Times a couple of years ago about a place he liked a lot. Check it out. Maybe we should all go and have a glass of wine there?

If you don’t know Oliver yet, you will soon. Well, if you’re attending LCDC, that is. If not, you can listen to this podcast, where Oliver is in good conversation with the-one-and-only Nick Cho about Oliver’s background prior to becoming the world’s coffee writer, as well as his thoughts about the coffee scene today. You can still get a ticket for #LCDC15 too…

Got it?!


photo: Tuukka Koski