Why Paris? Again

Paris is a great city for food and wine, but for coffee? Many find it questionable. We think it is perfect. But we keep getting the same question over and over – why put a coffee event in Paris of all places? The short answer is we like the place. Paris is cool.

The long answer is that we don’t just see what Paris is, but also what it is becoming. We would go as far as to say that Paris is the perfect example of the coffee revolution that goes on in the most unexpected places around the world.

This is what we wrote in 2012 :

” With all due respect, as much as Paris is the food capital of the world, it used to be a joke to even think of Paris as a coffee destination. Well that was until just a few months ago.

For two days we want to make Paris the Coffee Capital. And as a matter of fact, things are changing quickly – and Paris IS on its way to becoming a coffee destination too and that is why we want to be here now. We are in Europe after all. And Paris is at the center of it. Geographically it’s obvious. It’s Convenient. Its Beautiful.

Not long ago it was impossible to distinguish one cup of coffee from another along the boulevards in this magnificent city. The tabac, kiosk, café, bistro and master-chef-gourmet-restaurant all served the same cup of south-european-anonomus-blend-of-who-knows-what. No questions asked, just add sugar.

But things have changed. The first ones to question the coffee in Paris, and doing something about it, was Bernard and Gloria. They returned to Paris after two decades in Guatemala. Surprised that they could not find a decent cup of coffee in town they decided to roast and serve their own and le Cafeotheque was born. This was seven years ago. You find Cafeotheque by the canal at 52 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville.

Next up was Café Lomi. Aleaume used to run a mobile coffee wagon but was not happy with the coffees he could get. So he teamed up with Paul who came over from Australia and started roasting and hence Café Lomi was born. This was two years ago. Café Lomi recently moved into a new spot and started serving their own craft. You find them at 3 ter rue Marcadet.

It did not take long for Antoine, who came home after working in the sparking coffee scene in Melbourne, to see the lack of good coffee in Paris. One thing lead to another and Coutume was born. This was a bit over a year ago. A bar, café and roaster at 47 Rue de Babylone and a must for any coffee fanatic in town.

The latest addition came this fall. David came to Paris after working in coffee in the states and teamed up with Nicolas and opened the doors to Telescope. This is about six month ago. Telescope is un petit café with the greatest ambience and excellent coffee and service that you find at 5 Rue Villedo.

Does it stop here? We don’t think so. Surely there is more to come. And we do think that you need to meet these people, see their places and taste their coffee. Come with us to le Carneval du Café. Paris will never be the same again. We will make sure of it. “



From the  Parisian coffee scene a lá 2015 (quote from the video) :

” We’ll  become the number #1 country in Specialty Coffee … “



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