Flavio_Borem_ProtraitLCDC is taking coffee science seriously. That is why we’re inviting the world’s top coffee researchers to bring light onto the most pressing issues of our time.

Dr. Flavio M. Borém from the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) in Brazil is one of the most influential coffee researchers in the Specialty Coffee Field today. He has built his research career, hence his reputation in the specialty coffee community, on studying and seeking to find correlations between coffee terroir and coffee flavor attributes.

It is a pleasure to announce that Flavio will be back at LCDC in Paris in January!

Worldwide, a lot of work has been done to develop high yielding coffee plants that are resistant to fungi and pests, which are key elements to control in coffee farming. Brazil has always been the biggest producer of coffee in the world, thus historically they have spent most of their r&d resources on understanding how to grow the commodity coffee business. ‘Specialty Coffee’ goes beyond this: it is all about quality, and quality is defined by the coffee’s flavors.

Whether the process is natural process  or  wet process, one of the least understood yet most important factors in crafting specialty coffee is the drying process. Symptomatically this is what Flavio M. Borém at UFLA’s research project has been studying with particular scrutiny. Some of these findings are revelatory and will impact how coffee is made from now on. Certainly in Brazil, at least!

When Flavio presented his work at LCDC in 2012 (see video) it was at the initial stage of a three year research program that he and his team started in 2011 :