Le Carnaval du Café is an educational and collegial coffee event hosted by the Collaborative Coffee Source, held at the beautiful La Bellevilloise Arts & Culture Center in the heart of Paris, January 25th – 27th, 2015.

There are plenty of coffee events held around the world, all the time. The LCDC program is curated by coffee professionals who work within the high end field of green coffee trading. We are reaching out to coffee professionals: ambitious coffee roasters, green coffee buyers, farmers, millers, exporters, importers  –   quite generally to colleagues in the trade  –  and all knowledgeable people that want to learn as well as contributing with their own experiences.

The specialty coffee field is continuously developing; the meaning of the term itself as well as the products that are associated with the term are changing. At the LCDC event we are gathering people who want to contribute to the definition of what specialty coffee  is, and shaping the future of the trade of it.

We are reaching out to the coffee research community, inviting them to share their findings with us, and at the same time taking the opportunity to discuss the topics with them. As an industry, we want to understand what makes and what affects coffee quality; we want to find correlations between the botanical and chemical processes on one side, and coffee’s sensory attributes on the other. Today, we seem to need to keep an eye on the climatic situation as well, making sure we understand what it takes to have the plant material it takes to make specialty coffee in the future.

Coffee is produced in a cultural and political context, thus we also need to understand the social and economic implications of making it. This is particularly true when requesting a product that is more labor intensive to make than what regular commodity coffee is.  – Will the market be willing to pay what it really costs to produce true specialty coffee in the future? How is the drive toward a growing specialty coffee market affecting politics at origin?

We are lucky to work in this complex industry at such an interesting time in history. Le Carnaval du Café in Paris is a collegial forum, hoping to create a sense of community for people who want fantastic coffee.

Welcome to Paris, January 2015!


Robert W.  &  Co.



Collaborative Coffee Source

We are coffee importers working with ambitious and talented coffee producers and roasters all working toward a transparent and equitable model of coffee trade: a transparent pricing structure, direct and efficient transport, and open communication.

The Collaborative emphasizes long-term exclusive partnerships between suppliers and customers, and a pricing structure based on quality from farm-level to warehouse. There is no other trading company whose main goal is to connect roasters and producers directly with one another. Our ambition is to be a source for outstanding coffee in every sense of the word: coffee that speaks for itself in the cup, coming from places and people that are merited, which is transported efficiently into the hands of roasters who are willing to work long-term with suppliers who have committed themselves to making amazing coffee.

Over the course of ten years, we have travelled extensively in search of the best coffees and producers. This has led to great partnerships in a number of Latin American countries and East Africa. While we are continually searching for new coffees, places and people, the aim is always with the perspective of exclusivity and long-term from producer to roaster. More concretely, we offer highly curated selections from the best producers that are then made exclusive to committed roasters.

To ensure that coffees are selected and transported as fresh as possible each season, we work with producers early in the harvest season to identify the best lots and then require roasters to commit pre-shipment. In this way, both producer and roaster are assured of the best quality each season: producers know their efforts and investments will be rewarded with concrete commitments, and roasters in turn can establish strong and identifiable brands behind each coffee on their menu. CCS is the hub providing the links amongst producers, exporters, and roasters, but ownership of the green and roasted coffees lie with the producer and roaster.


 A presentation about CCS by Robert W. at the LCDC event in Paris 2012: