Le Carnaval du Cafe, Educational Event   January 25th – 27th 2015

Tickets are limited to 50 attendees.

The event is gathering an intimate group of professionals, facilitating for close interaction between attendees and with presenters, open discussions and good cupping experiences. We are simply covering costs; renting an event venue in the heart of Paris, bringing in speakers from all over the world, and organizing the whole shebang.

The ticket price is set at USD 600 per attendee and includes:

  • Workshop and Get-Togehter Session,  Sunday 25th
  • Educational Program; Lectures and Cupping all day, 26th and 27th
  • Pastries, fruits and light lunch provided during educational sessions
  • Collaborative Brew Bar all days

Please contact us if you want more information about the event or if you want to book tickets :

LCDC Event Coordinator, Hanna@collaborativecoffeesource.com


CCS Customer Relations, Melanie@collaborativecoffeesource.com