cafe_paris.1271064002Paris is the perfect example: The Specialty Coffee wave is rolling into every major (and small) city  –  all over the world.

Not long ago was it impossible to distinguish one cup of coffee from another along the boulevards in this magnificent city. The tabac, kiosk, café, bistro and master-chef-gourmet-restaurant all served the same cup of south-european-anonomus-blend-of-who-knows-what. No questions asked, just add sugar.

In 2012 Oliver Strand wrote:

” Finally, Paris has a coffee scene. The city has always been the paradox of the industry, a great cafe town where an otherwise discerning audience happily throws back watery shots of ashy swill. I first wrote about Paris coffee in 2010, and after returning to the topic last year I decided to sit on my hands until somebody in the city figured out what it was missing.”

We loved it then. We love it even more now:

See you all in January 2015!